Tuesday, September 25, 2007

About the Co-Op

My idea is to allow writers to have a way to share a sample of their writing with one another and to help promote one another's work. Email me at lilystears@gmail.com and let me know a bit about you, if your work has been published and if so where (so others can purchase your work!) and if you have a blog and/or website. You can also include a piece of work you would like featured, whether it be an impromptu short-short story or an excerpt from a piece published elsewhere, either in print or electronically. The more money and time I have had to spend, the more I treasure the idea of people helping each other. This is the motivation behind forming this co-op. If you have a banner you'd like posted on my main website or on any of my blogs, I'm open to doing banner and link exchanges as well!
Inevitably I have to ask people to adhere to a few rules.
I welcome erotic writing but do not choose to publish pornography on this blog. If you have any explicitly sexual writing you would like to share, I am a co-author of a blog that features adult material.
The rules for showcasing material on either blog are as follows: nothing that promotes hate, sexual brutality, sexual exploitation of children, bestiality, or toilet functions as sexual. The blog admin (that would be me) has the final word and while my word may not be law everywhere, it is law here!
The other rule involves respectful treatment of others. What you may enjoy another may not and vice versa. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is welcome. Bashing someone else's creation because it does not suit your taste or because you are a troll with nothing better to do than to try and upset people is not and neither will be tolerated.
I'm always glad to get the rules out of the way. Now, let's enjoy one another's writing!
Blessed be,

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