Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Artwork of F. Magdalene

When you purchase artwork from F. Magdalene's collection, not only will you own a truly unique creation but you will be helping a person with handicaps support themselves. The artist copes with dissociative identity disorder and lupus. She does remarkably well at dealing with these handicaps, but like many people with disabilities, her income level creates yet another challenge in her life.
When you purchase work from independent artists, you support the arts. When you purchase products or services offered by a person with handicaps, you help them support themselves. Why not do both? Check out the pictures and postcards. You might just find the unique gift you've been looking for, for yourself or someone special. And if you do, tell F. Magdalene that "The Cheese" sent you. Not because I get any kind of kickback, but because I like to let my friends know I'm in their corner!

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