Saturday, December 22, 2007

Stuffed Animal Planet and PANSI and friends

One of the coolest blogs ever is Stuffed Animal Planet. This is a crazy world where stuffed animals and action figures rule over all and have amazing adventures. Sounds like a pretty good world, if you ask me! They have recently been performing the exciting adventure, Gone With the Captists. They are on hiatus for the holidays and will resume in January. Don't miss it!
Mrs. Weirdso, Headmistress over Stuffed Animal Planet, sent some wonderful friends to me last year in the form of PANSI, Aubvey, Brittney and Emrald. They lived in Hobbeyswood for a long time and had many wonderful adventures. I'm not sure if Hobbeyswood was destroyed by General Goonior and the Orks or what happened to it. But all the Barbies from Naked Gymnastics for Jesus had to clear out and were scattered to the four winds. I was fortunate enough to have the four mentioned above come to the Nether World to live with me. However, I have a terrible problem right now. I am not wealthy enough to give superstar PANSI all the things she demands. I feel terrible about this, mostly because she won't shut up and let me write. But you can help. If you go to PANSI'S blog and leave a present under the tree at the bottom of the page, it may placate her somewhat. Thank you so much!


weirsdo said...

Ha ha ha. Glad I found this. Thanks so much for the nice write-up. I will feature it in my next Weirsdo Roundup.

G said...

I'd have to agree with your endorsement. Yuu've been a wonderful hostess to Pansi and Co. - they really couldn't have gone to a better home. We've been a bit lax about the comings and goings of Mr. Banana and Co., perhaps with good reason.