Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ariel's Photo Blog

Ariel doesn't consider herself a professional photographer, but her pictures are very thought-provoking. You can participate in fun discussions about the photos and meet some very interesting people, and some very odd ones as well, such as me in my Cheesemeister alter-ego.
Ariel's site is one of those places that is better seen than described, because a picture is worth a thousand words and can also inspire at least that many!


tsduff said...

What do you mean no one reads it? Hmmmfffph! I think it is a fine site, and I highly recommend it. Nicely done Mz. Lily ;)Ariel's photos are the most.

ariel said...

Thank you, Lily! You mention the people in the comment section, they indeed are the best part of Ariel's photo site. Sometimes they make you laugh, other times they make you see a picture with a completely different eye. Usually both. :-)

Hobbes said...

I agree. Ariel's photos have a magical quality.