Friday, January 25, 2008

Got Jerky?

This isn't a creative website but I do have to sing it's praises. Unless you're a vegetarian, you'll love it. Are you ready? It's the only healthy jerky I've found that contains no added MSG and no carcinogenic preservatives such as nitrates. And you don't have to have iron teeth to chew it, like most jerkies. It's very palatable.
The bag of teriyaki turkey jerky I'm currently enjoying (and which is almost gone) contains turkey (duh) sugar, water, soy sauce, pineapple juice concentrate, apple cider vinegar, salt, spices, paprika, natural smoke flavorings and caramel color. The pineapple juice contains papain, which is what makes the meat tender. Because it has no preservatives, the note on the bag advises eating within three days of opening. No problem, trust me!
One bag contains four servings and one serving is just 60 calories. It's very low in fat--just 5 out of 60 calories are from fat content. There are 11 grams of protein and only 5 grams of sugars.
If I sound like an advertisement, believe me that this is not a paid testimonial. My son and I eat this stuff whenever we can get it. We get it autoshipped once a month at $6.50 per bag. That's a little more than what you pay for the stuff in the store, but when you take into account that the price includes shipping, it's really about the same. And the tough, MSG-laden, nitrate-preserved stuff in the store doesn't hold a candle to this tender, preservative-free treat.
We currently order four bags a month but trust me, this is nowhere near enough. I think I'll have the number increased to six. Hell, if I wasn't so broke, I'd get me a case every month! That might come close to doing the job.
By now, if you're a fan of jerky, you're drooling on yourself and vowing to find me and open a can of whoop ass on me if I don't tell you where my secret supply comes from. Well, your wait is over! Just click this link and you're on your way to healthy, tasty snacking. You can become a distributor too if you want--the only charge is agreeing to a 2-bag autoship every month. But you were going to do that anyway, right? Or you can just order products.
My cat is always after my jerky. She'd eat the whole bag if I let her! Normally I'm very generous with my pets. But in this case she gets just a little--after all, she's a little cat! :-p And I'm a big old hoss. Now tell me--who needs the jerky more??


cocaine jesus said...

well, i am, by and large a veggie. not hard and fast you understand and not because i think it wrong to eat animals, i just don't lke the taste of meat that much.
jerky? hmmmm, not so sure about that. it's beef isn't it?
nah, chicken maybe but not beef.
i like your site but 22 blogs? blimey. i have about 20 (all hidden away) soooo hats of to you girl!

Lily Strange said...

Hi CJ,
Actually, this company sells beef, buffalo and turkey jerky, as well as fruit leather, so there's a real good variety.
Some of my blogs are more active than others. And I do also have hidden ones. I'll give you the links--you seem to be "of a mind." I have a few blogs that get updated once a week, others once a month or less. I have an obsessive need to categorize things. I'm trying to overcome it. Obsessiveness is never good!