Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ginny's Needlecrafts

One of the more scary things about me may be my completely non-scary and normal interests. Most of which I really suck at. However, if you're at all arts-and-crafts inclined or know someone who is, you will surely want to visit Ginny's Needlecrafts. She has an online store so many beautiful cross-stitching patterns to choose from and many, many materials. And visiting her blog is just somehow soothing and meditative. The harried one likes!
I really wish I was at all talented in this area, but unfortunately, I'm a complete buffoon. I can't even use a sewing machine. I'd like to try one of these projects but I'm afraid I'd botch it completely. Maybe when I'm finally retired and have time to relax a little. Which will probably be two days before I die at the age of 110, the way things are going.

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