Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Cool and Asinine World of Dusty, Icy and Tom

My friend Tom is a true creative genius. With a sense of humor suited to underground comix and the ability to make fun of absolutely everything, I'd say his off-the-wall work is worth millions. However, things never seem to work that way. The truly talented die broke and the Paris Hiltons of the world worthlessly party on.
Kinda makes me wonder if I should quit trying to promote my book as worthwhile reading. Maybe instead I should focus on publicizing my image, like Paris Hilton. The problem is, I look far more like the Old Witch than the Young Bitch. As to my co-author, I don't think I'd have much luck trying to convince him to switch to a more, say, Justin Timberlake-like image. The resulting videotape would probably have a title like "One Night In Hell with the Old Witch and the Sarcastic Poltergeist."
Forget it. I'll just die broke with my questionable integrity intact. Let Paris keep her image, such as it is. I've really gotten way far off the initial subject. So let me return. Read Tom's blogs. And pray that I never have enough in common with you to ruin your reputation by calling you my friend!

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