Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lobster Boy

If you have ever waited tables, you will appreciate Lobster Boy's blog. He has worked at Red Lobster for 10 years. As far as I can tell, he has never ripped out anyone's throat with a lobster claw, although the thought has probably crossed his mind. A good educational primer for anyone about to go to a restaurant. Before I became a slave at the Gerri Atrik Retirement Community, I was a server and bartender, so I know how it is. Actually in spite of all the crap I sometimes wish I hadn't left. It actually wasn't the customers, who, believe me, gave me reason to bitch. It was the politics. Now I work nights so I'm never right in the middle of the fray. However, I do miss knowing that I'll at least have enough money to put in the gas tank at the end of a shift!
Remember, folks, your server is not a slave. But they do get slave wages. The gold standard in my neck of the woods is $2.13 an hour. So don't be a cheapskate--tip righteously! 20-25% is good these days. A 10% tip is CHEAP! Hollywood reporter Mike Evans loves ratting out the bad tippers in Tacky-Town. Some of them, with their millions, tip less than 10%. Shame!
So when at your local Red Lobster, (or anywhere else) tip well. Because you never know--Lobster Boy may be your server. I said he hasn't ripped out anyone's throat with a lobster claw YET! You don't want to be the first!


tsduff said...

I always tip generously - those folks work hard for their money. I think I've only eaten at a red lobster once in my life though. Did you get my comment on the post below?

weirsdo said...

That does look like a lively, funny blog. Thanks for the tip ; )

Lobsterlela said...

I wonder if we are related? If so its SOOO sad that we're not in touch!!!!!