Monday, July 7, 2008

A Double Blast

Life has been pretty serious of late with my father's health problems. He is currently in the hospital with intense unexplained pain in the left thigh. His kidneys are bad and there's a distinct possibility that he may have suffered another small stroke. With this going on I wasn't feeling much like laughing until I found a miracle. That miracle's name is Mr. Methane. If you want to rip away your troubles, toot on over to his site now and let him cut through the funk surrounding your life.
Through Mr. Methane's MySpace page, I also discovered the bowels of evil in Bann Drite. My keyboard won't allow me to type that a with the little circle over the top. I hope they don't invoke their dark and flatulent gods of doom to blast me into oblivion for this blasphemy.
Bann Drite will blow away your illusions of a fresh and pure world with their ripping brand of "Evil evil nordic black metal- with a twist of fart." Your sanity will be cut away in a nuclear blast of methane death. It is like nothing you have ever imagined--or smelled. Try listening while reading your daily dose of The Poop Report. And even the crappiest day will have blissful relief--just like letting loose a really big fart after holding it in for a long time.


Tom & Icy said...

It is funny.

weirsdo said...

Alas, either Mr. Methane is a thing of the past, or your link didn't work for me.

weirsdo said...

Sorry. Worked the second time. I wonder if Arsewipe is one of Mr. Methane's "exclusive clients."

Sir Tootimus Rippley said...

It is my understanding that Mr. Methane would not wish to terrorize his most treasured property, that being his arse, by exposing it to the hideousness of Arsewipe.