Friday, November 21, 2008

One of the Few Gossip Sites Worth Reading

Amy Winehouse and I are wondering why you people aren't reading She Knows the Buzz. It's one of the few celebrity gossip sites that's actually worth lowering yourself for. It's so cleverly written. It's sort of like a cocaine-sprinkled jelly donut.
Amy is also considering opening a beauty salon. She'd like to call it Amy's Crack Ho Hair Shack. I found this beautiful picture of Amy over at She Knows the Buzz. You'll want to go there to see this and so much more! Seriously--you do. It isn't often that you find people with pretentions of being serious writers giving shout-outs to celeb gossip sites!

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tsduff said...

Thanks Cie = loved browsing that site. I ended up reading about My So Called Life - a fav tv series and then putting it on my Amazon wish list.