Friday, January 2, 2009

Great Radionics Software…nchanterx/

Fellow mystics, check it out. I am! I've had an interest in radionics for many years, so this software piqued my interest. I can see the benefits of using radionics for mystic work. If you're like me and were raised in a religion that tells you that if you wish for something "selfish" such as prosperity you will be punished, it sticks with you even if you no longer believe this sort of thing in your logical mind. Your subconscious is very important in spell work, however, and a negative subconscious message can torpedo the most carefully executed spell. Using radionics bypasses your own subconscious sabotage. Plus it has that scientific edge that we modern people treasure.

Energy is energy, pure and simple. Radionics has been around for many years, but now our modern technology has allowed those knowledgeable in computer programming to greatly improve its execution.

Science meets mysticism with radionics. Take a look at the link above to find out more.

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Emrald said...

Be sure to emphasize the need for safety precautions when using very powerful devices such as the Atlantean Energy Generator!!!!